The Seven Copyright Law Categories, And How Your Business Can Avoid Copyright Infringement

If you are a business owner, it is important to be familiar with the different forms of copyright laws. Take a look at the list below so that your company can avoid infringing on any copyright laws.

Literary Works

The early uses of copyright laws applied to books, articles, and other written works. The laws reserved the right to make copies and distribute these copies to the author. When creating manuals or marketing materials, it is important for businesses to make sure that they are not infringing on copyright laws associated with written works.

Songs & Music

Companies usually do not run into problems with music copyright issues, unless music is involved in their particular line of business. However, many companies are music users. For instance, if you use music on your website or want to use a song in an advertisement, you will need to make sure you have the corresponding licenses from the copyright holder.

Theatrical Works

This category of copyright law involves plays, increasing state directors, choreography, music works, and their performances. These laws protect the words, songs, and music as well as the performance itself. Since each of these contributions the theatrical work has different originators, copyright laws dealing with this category have become very complicated.

Images & Sculpture

Copyright laws protect images produced in a variety of mediums: paper, film, digital recording, and even sculpture. Businesses frequently use images in their advertising, catalogs, product manuals, and instructions, which means you need to very careful with what you decide to use. The safest way you can avoid copyright law issues is to hire a photographer to take the pictures that you need. You could also purchase licenses online for the use of stock photographs.

Motion Pictures

Motion picture includes video and digitally recorded moving images. The illegal distribution and use of movies and videos have grown substantially over the past several years with the growth of high-speed internet services. If you allow employees to bring their own mobile devices or computers to work then you need to make sure that you have implemented policies to prohibit illegal downloading.

Sound Recordings

Sound recordings have their own category because they exist in a number of different forms and have a wider variety of applications. Businesses can run into trouble with this area of copyright if they have background music in the reception area, music on telephone systems, and music in company presentations. Broadcast Music Inc. issues blanket licenses for businesses looking to play music in public.

Architectural Works

Copyright law in relation to architectural works involves both drawings and resulting work. If your company is building a new facility, you are not allowed to just copy another building’s design without authorization. Most jurisdictions will require an architect for business construction, and the architect will create an original design for the project.