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The Copyright Law of 1976

Copyright Law, and more specifically the Copyright Act of 1976, is a law that every copyright lawyer, artist and artist manager should know and understand. It is a very important piece of legislation that influences how those in the music industry do business. It is the law that dictates how work can be disseminated and used. For our purposes, we… Read more →

8 Things You Need To Know About Copyright Law

In the internet age, issues surrounding copyright law have become an increasingly pressing issue. Technology makes it easy to copy, alter, share information and intellectual property. This includes anything from text and audio to images and video. A major problem that we are facing today is that people do not fully understand the copyright laws, potentially resulting in an illegal… Read more →

Hong Kong Debates Copyright Laws

A United States consulate has urged Hong Kong to update its copyright law to help protect artists and promote creativity and innovation. Pan-democrats have proposed three amendments to the Copyright Bill 2014 – fair use, user-generated content and contract override. Consulate spokeswoman Darragh Paradiso said the laws should better reflect the digital media environment of today. “The United States has… Read more →

Steven Tyler Calls For Copyright Law Reform

Steven Tyler recently wrote an open letter explaining his views on U.S. copyright laws, first published in the Huffington Post. The open letter follows a cease-and-desist letter sent to Donald Trump, asking the presidential candidate to stop using Aerosmith’s song “Dream On” during campaign events. The musician is looking to spread the message that copyright laws need to change. “My… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Rightscorp to Monitor Highly Anticipated Film Release of “Lost After Dark”

Rightscorp has announced this week that it will be monitoring the film Lost After Dark for digital piracy and illegal downloads. The company, a leading provider of data and anayltic services to support artists and owners of copyrighted property, will be monitoring content for piracy prior to the actual release for the first time. Lost After Dark, an indie film, was… Read more →

The Basics Of Copyright Law

All too often, however, musicians, authors, and artists alike find themselves not properly protected under the law. The growth of the internet has only helped to facilitate copyrighted material and make it increasingly more complicated to protect artists under the law. It is important to know the basics of copyright law in order to understand why these laws are in… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Christopher Sabec Will Co-Chair The 6th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit

The 6th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles will be taking place from July 20th to the 22nd. Christopher Sabec, the CEO of Rightscorp, will co-chair the event signifying his leadership in anti-piracy and rights protection. Rightscorp is the leading champion of artists and other holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property. Rightscorp is a copyright monetization company that… Read more →

Rightscorp has a Strong Q1 in 2015

Increase in copyrights, settlements closed, and ISP participation cause Rightscorp, Inc. to show 63% growth in year-over-year revenue. This same time last year, Rightscorp’s revenue growth was $188,933. Q1 ended March 31st of this year, and Rightscorp’s revenue increase was $307,904. Last quarter’s revenue growth was $241,928, so there was also a 27% sequential increase in revenue. One of the… Read more →

Fair Play, Fair Pay Act of 2015

When the Copyright Law was passed in 1909, only songwriters received royalties on their music being played over the radio because digitally recording music was not yet part of the industry. Many industry veterans, like Martha Reeves of The Vandellas likes being admired for her popular older hits, but would like to receive some sort of compensation for increasing the… Read more →