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The Copyright Law of 1976

Copyright Law, and more specifically the Copyright Act of 1976, is a law that every copyright lawyer, artist and artist manager should know and understand. It is a very important piece of legislation that influences how those in the music industry do business. It is the law that dictates how work can be disseminated and used. For our purposes, we… Read more →

The Seven Copyright Law Categories, And How Your Business Can Avoid Copyright Infringement

If you are a business owner, it is important to be familiar with the different forms of copyright laws. Take a look at the list below so that your company can avoid infringing on any copyright laws. Literary Works The early uses of copyright laws applied to books, articles, and other written works. The laws reserved the right to make… Read more →

8 Things You Need To Know About Copyright Law

In the internet age, issues surrounding copyright law have become an increasingly pressing issue. Technology makes it easy to copy, alter, share information and intellectual property. This includes anything from text and audio to images and video. A major problem that we are facing today is that people do not fully understand the copyright laws, potentially resulting in an illegal… Read more →

Hong Kong Debates Copyright Laws

A United States consulate has urged Hong Kong to update its copyright law to help protect artists and promote creativity and innovation. Pan-democrats have proposed three amendments to the Copyright Bill 2014 – fair use, user-generated content and contract override. Consulate spokeswoman Darragh Paradiso said the laws should better reflect the digital media environment of today. “The United States has… Read more →

Judge sides with Rightscorp, says DMCA doesn’t protect Cox

Nearly a year after two music publishers and online copyright cop Rightscorp initiated a high-stakes lawsuit against Cox Communications, a judge has made a ruling that’s potentially devastating to Cox’s case. US District Judge Liam O’Grady has ruled that Cox isn’t protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s “safe harbor” provisions. That’s the part of the DMCA that protects “online service providers” from copyright lawsuits if… Read more →

Who To Blame For Copyright Infringement?

Torrents and peer-to-peer file sharing has been one of the most discussed problems facing the entertainment industry over the last several years, and for good reason. The illegal distribution of intellectual property is severely hurting the music, film, and television industries. While some users are happy to pay for a new music album or rent the latest movie online, there… Read more →

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Rightscorp Enters into Agreement with Law Firm for Copyright Enforcement

Rightscorp announced today that it has signed an agreement with Carl D. Crowell of Crowell Law in Salem, Oregon. Under the arrangement Rightscorp and Crowell Law will be working cooperatively with Rightscorp clients to help raise awareness and educate people about the problems and effects of piracy, provide notice to infringers, and as necessary, pursue litigation against persistent and egregious infringers.… Read more →

What You Need To Know About The PRS And SoundCloud Lawsuit

If you haven’t heard, earlier this year SoundCloud was sued by PRS for Music, a British agency that represents songwriters, in connection with copyright infringement. Soundcloud is a popular music-streaming service that has numerous problems with the music industry over the years. PRS for Music claims that SoundCloud was infringing on PRS members’ copyrights by not obtaining licenses or paying… Read more →