Rightscorp has a Strong Q1 in 2015

Christopher Sabec Rightscorp Q1Increase in copyrights, settlements closed, and ISP participation cause Rightscorp, Inc. to show 63% growth in year-over-year revenue. This same time last year, Rightscorp’s revenue growth was $188,933. Q1 ended March 31st of this year, and Rightscorp’s revenue increase was $307,904. Last quarter’s revenue growth was $241,928, so there was also a 27% sequential increase in revenue.

One of the biggest revenue factors was the growth in Internet Service Provider participation. By the end of March of 2014, Rightscorp received payments from 50 ISP. By the end of Q1 in 2015, they received payments from over 233 ISP. This growth represents an increase of %466 ISP for the year. They estimate that the ISP who partner with Rightscorp represent 15% of US households.

At the beginning of March this year, Rightscorp announced the closing of over 200,000 copyright infringement cases. The copyright monetization company was also able to close two new major contracts at the beginning of the year, which represents 250,00 added copyrights.

Robert Steele attributes the successful quarter to the successful execution of increasing copyrights under representation and obtaining new ISP participation. Another one of their key focuses this quarter were to strengthen their balance sheets by paying back a portion of their convertible notes and notes payable.

Rightscorp is an industry leader in battling copyright infringement, seeking to preserve the rights of digital assets such as TV, movies, software, and games. They turn towards copyright holders to protect their digital media assets and hope to collaborate with more ISP providers in the near future.