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Christopher Sabec Rightscorp, Inc.

Rightscorp recently increased the amount of Internet Service Providers that use their company for copyright monetization purposes. Click here to read more about the good news.

Rightscorp recently provided their copyright metrics to seven major motion pictures. Read the full article here.

Christopher Sabec had an interview with the Wide World of Stocks. In the interview, he discusses his professional history and how he came to be the CEO of the copyright monetization company, Rightscorp, Inc. You can see the full interview by clicking here.


Rightscorp Announces 2015 Q1 Earnings

Read the entire press release on Rightscorp’s press release page here.


2015 Anti Piracy & Protection Summit

Christopher Sabec will be representing Rightscorp, Inc. at the 2015 Anti Piracy and Protection Summit. Read the full Yahoo Finance press release here.


RightsCorp Hires Cecil Kyte as CFO

RightsCorp, Inc. has recently announced that it has hired Cecil Bond Kyte as the new Chief Financial Officer for the company. Kyte was previously the CEO and Chairman of Save the World Air, Inc., a California based publicly traded energy technology company. Cecil Kyte brings a unique combination of public company administration experience and capital raising experience along with a strong understanding of content creation and ownership.

RightsCorp Showing Growth

Rightscorp has experienced steady growth over the past month, showing promising signs in may key operating metrics. Rightscorp has already received settlements from subscribers to more than 331 ISPs and has closed over 234,685 cases of copyright infringement to date. Learn more about the how RightsCorp has grown over the past several months here.