Christopher Sabec Will Co-Chair The 6th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit

Christopher Sabec Rightscorp, Inc.

The 6th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles will be taking place from July 20th to the 22nd. Christopher Sabec, the CEO of Rightscorp, will co-chair the event signifying his leadership in anti-piracy and rights protection.

Rightscorp is the leading champion of artists and other holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property. Rightscorp is a copyright monetization company that protects intellectual property by offering settlements to people who illegally download music, videos, and videogames. The company works on behalf of the copyright holder by sending letters to illegal downloaders giving them options for financial restitution.

“I am honored to serve as co-chair of this event, as I believe it is a great resource for the latest and most useful information to protect copyrighted IP and support creators,” said Christopher Sabec, CEO of Rightscorp. “Copyright infringement and piracy are major issues plaguing all creative industries. Rightscorp offers a simple, elegant solution that has proven effective in protecting digital assets. Through reasonable settlements – and avoiding litigation – our solution protects owners of IP and fosters further creativity.”

The Summit brings together experts in the film, TV, gaming, music, software, sports and e-publishing industries. Content producers and developers, law enforcement officials, government policymakers, and legal experts will also be in attendance. The focus of the event is to discuss and develop solutions to optimize the content and copyright protection process.

This will not be Christopher Sabec’s first time attending the Summit, as he also delivered key presentations on Internet Service Providers’ legal obligation to content creators and their liability for subscriber infringements at last years event. Sabec spoke on the growth of peer-to-peer piracy in North America and urged rights owners to hold ISPs accountable for piracy that takes place on their networks.

As for the 2015 Summit, Christopher Sabec will headline the “Web 4.0: It’s TIme for the Internet to Grow Up.” This speech will be focused on the importance of protecting the Intellectual Property of creators on the web and what the future will look like when this becomes a reality.

Christopher Sabec, believes that piracy is a problem which is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. The company forecasts a 40% increase in peer-to-peer file sharing by 2018, which includes 11.9 billion songs and over 3 billion movies to be illegally downloaded. This staggering level of growth projected in the coming future, highlights the importance of events such as this as a way to fight back against this illegal activity.

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