Cecil Bond Kyte Hired As RightsCrop Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Sabec Rightscorp, Inc.

RightsCorp, Inc. has recently announced that it has hired Cecil Bond Kyte as the new Chief Financial Officer for the company. Kyte was previously the CEO and Chairman of Save the World Air, Inc., a California based publicly traded energy technology company.

Cecil-Bond-Kyte-STWA-CEOCecil Kyte brings a unique combination of public company administration experience and capital raising experience along with a strong understanding of content creation and ownership. With Save the World Air, Kyte spearheaded the company’s restructuring and pioneered its development of Applied Oil Technology. He successfully grew the company from around $10 million in market capitalization in 2007 to over $350 million by 2013.

Furthermore, Cecil Kyte has a great deal of experience within the entertainment industry having invested in various independent content projects. He has served as an investor and producer on several Hollywood projects which provides him with a unique perspective on RightsCorp’s business mission.