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Rightscorp wins landmark ruling, Cox hit with $25M verdict in copyright case

A Virginia federal jury watching a high-profile copyright case reached a verdict (PDF) today, ordering Cox Communications to pay $25 million to BMG Rights Management for turning a blind eye to music piracy. The company’s behavior amounted to a willfully infringed copyright in the eyes of the jury. The verdict comes at the close of a two-week trial, which took place after US District Judge Liam… Read more →

Judge sides with Rightscorp, says DMCA doesn’t protect Cox

Nearly a year after two music publishers and online copyright cop Rightscorp initiated a high-stakes lawsuit against Cox Communications, a judge has made a ruling that’s potentially devastating to Cox’s case. US District Judge Liam O’Grady has ruled that Cox isn’t protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s “safe harbor” provisions. That’s the part of the DMCA that protects “online service providers” from copyright lawsuits if… Read more →

Rightscorp Announces Technology To Combat New Peer-to-Peer Streaming App for Music

Rightscorp recently announced that it has the technology to combat the Aurous’ music streaming app and website, which is set to launch on October 10th. This music streaming service built on similar technology to Popcorn Time, a software application that has grown in popularity for illegally streaming movies and TV shows. Aurous has an easy-to-use interface, much like Spotify, but the… Read more →

Rightscorp has a Strong Q1 in 2015

Increase in copyrights, settlements closed, and ISP participation cause Rightscorp, Inc. to show 63% growth in year-over-year revenue. This same time last year, Rightscorp’s revenue growth was $188,933. Q1 ended March 31st of this year, and Rightscorp’s revenue increase was $307,904. Last quarter’s revenue growth was $241,928, so there was also a 27% sequential increase in revenue. One of the… Read more →