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What You Need To Know About The PRS And SoundCloud Lawsuit

If you haven’t heard, earlier this year SoundCloud was sued by PRS for Music, a British agency that represents songwriters, in connection with copyright infringement. Soundcloud is a popular music-streaming service that has numerous problems with the music industry over the years. PRS for Music claims that SoundCloud was infringing on PRS members’ copyrights by not obtaining licenses or paying… Read more →

Rightscorp Announces Technology To Combat New Peer-to-Peer Streaming App for Music

Rightscorp recently announced that it has the technology to combat the Aurous’ music streaming app and website, which is set to launch on October 10th. This music streaming service built on similar technology to Popcorn Time, a software application that has grown in popularity for illegally streaming movies and TV shows. Aurous has an easy-to-use interface, much like Spotify, but the… Read more →

The Basics Of Copyright Law

All too often, however, musicians, authors, and artists alike find themselves not properly protected under the law. The growth of the internet has only helped to facilitate copyrighted material and make it increasingly more complicated to protect artists under the law. It is important to know the basics of copyright law in order to understand why these laws are in… Read more →

Fair Play, Fair Pay Act of 2015

When the Copyright Law was passed in 1909, only songwriters received royalties on their music being played over the radio because digitally recording music was not yet part of the industry. Many industry veterans, like Martha Reeves of The Vandellas likes being admired for her popular older hits, but would like to receive some sort of compensation for increasing the… Read more →

5 Misconceptions About Copyright Law

1)   The copyright holder has to enforce their copyright against infringers – Copyright law and trademark law are often mixed up. Copyright holders have to enforce their copyright themselves in order to their copyright to be upheld. Many copyright holders turn a blind eye when it comes to fan works because it does nothing to hurt their copyright. 2)    Big… Read more →

Expert Answers to the 5 Most Frequently Asked Music Copyright Questions

Any musician who is looking to make it in the industry will need to know the basics about copyright law. Your ignorance can leave you unprotected to thieves and pirates looking to take the credit for your hard work. Don’t let that happen — read these FAQ answers from industry expert Christopher Sabec to build a strong foundational knowledge that… Read more →

Copyright Law in the Music Industry

Copyright laws were created to protect the intellectual property of anyone who creates or conceives anything. Musicians are no exception. Under copyright law, musicians have exclusive rights to their own compositions, even if they aren’t registered with the copyright office. The tricky part for an artist who’s music isn’t registered with the office is proving ownership of said intellectual property.… Read more →

Copyright Law Does Not Hinder Creativity

Interactions on the Internet have painted copyright laws as a form of unfathomable evil, indicating that the copyright hinders learning, creativity, innovation, and the legacy left by cultural.  In the process, it is the opinion of some that copyright laws manage to impede filmmakers, artists, DJs and other creators of content.  However, according to an article recently completed for the… Read more →

Music Industry Battles for a Piece of the Financial Pie

A recent article in The Guardian talks about recent news in the courts regarding US music copyright. The battle is between the music industries powerful lobbying giants vs. the major online music streaming companies. Both are fighting for their piece of the financial pie. The two major players recently combating against one another are the Recording Industry Association of America… Read more →