Steven Tyler Calls For Copyright Law Reform

Steven Tyler recently wrote an open letter explaining his views on U.S. copyright laws, first published in the Huffington Post. The open letter follows a cease-and-desist letter sent to Donald Trump, asking the presidential candidate to stop using Aerosmith’s song “Dream On” during campaign events. The musician is looking to spread the message that copyright laws need to change. “My… Read more →

Congressional Review Could Significantly Impact Copyright Laws

For the past two years, the House Judiciary Committee has been conducting a review of our nation’s copyright laws. These laws have not been updated since 1976, so it is expected that this review could dramatically impact copyright law as we have known it for the past few decades. Throughout this two year review, the committee has conducted 20 hearings,… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Rightscorp Enters into Agreement with Law Firm for Copyright Enforcement

Rightscorp announced today that it has signed an agreement with Carl D. Crowell of Crowell Law in Salem, Oregon. Under the arrangement Rightscorp and Crowell Law will be working cooperatively with Rightscorp clients to help raise awareness and educate people about the problems and effects of piracy, provide notice to infringers, and as necessary, pursue litigation against persistent and egregious infringers.… Read more →

What You Need To Know About The PRS And SoundCloud Lawsuit

If you haven’t heard, earlier this year SoundCloud was sued by PRS for Music, a British agency that represents songwriters, in connection with copyright infringement. Soundcloud is a popular music-streaming service that has numerous problems with the music industry over the years. PRS for Music claims that SoundCloud was infringing on PRS members’ copyrights by not obtaining licenses or paying… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Rightscorp Announces Technology To Combat New Peer-to-Peer Streaming App for Music

Rightscorp recently announced that it has the technology to combat the Aurous’ music streaming app and website, which is set to launch on October 10th. This music streaming service built on similar technology to Popcorn Time, a software application that has grown in popularity for illegally streaming movies and TV shows. Aurous has an easy-to-use interface, much like Spotify, but the… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Rightscorp Launches Popcorn Time Protection Service

Rightscorp announced today that the company has launched a Popcorn Time Protection service for content owners who want to prevent unauthorized streaming of their content via the application Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time is essentially the Netflix for pirated content. The illegal BitTorent-based software application has become an extremely popular way for people to illegally stream movies and TV shows. The… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Rightscorp to Monitor Highly Anticipated Film Release of “Lost After Dark”

Rightscorp has announced this week that it will be monitoring the film Lost After Dark for digital piracy and illegal downloads. The company, a leading provider of data and anayltic services to support artists and owners of copyrighted property, will be monitoring content for piracy prior to the actual release for the first time. Lost After Dark, an indie film, was… Read more →

The Basics Of Copyright Law

All too often, however, musicians, authors, and artists alike find themselves not properly protected under the law. The growth of the internet has only helped to facilitate copyrighted material and make it increasingly more complicated to protect artists under the law. It is important to know the basics of copyright law in order to understand why these laws are in… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Rightscorp Reports Rise in Key Operating Metrics

Rightscorp has experienced steady growth over the past month, showing promising signs in may key operating metrics. The company has announced that it has increased the number of cases closed from 222,921 at the end of June to 234,685 as of August 1, 2015. This is an increase of 5% and over 11,000 during this time. Furthermore, Rightscorp has increased… Read more →

Christopher Sabec

Cecil Bond Kyte Hired As RightsCrop Chief Financial Officer

RightsCorp, Inc. has recently announced that it has hired Cecil Bond Kyte as the new Chief Financial Officer for the company. Kyte was previously the CEO and Chairman of Save the World Air, Inc., a California based publicly traded energy technology company. Cecil Kyte brings a unique combination of public company administration experience and capital raising experience along with a… Read more →